grimspapierentheater - uniek en kleinschalig theater
Grims Paper Theatre is one of the smallest theatres in Holland.
The theatre is settled in a former shophouse in the centre of the mediaeval city of Deventer.  There are 15 seats.
The performances are given by Frits Grimmelikhuizen with his own build theatres and his own handmade sceneries and figures.
He uses (self composed) electro-acoustic compositions as soundmotor for his pieces, and  a small lighting computer for the light, But furtheron he prefers  mostly handi work: cutting, pasting, colouring, moving.


preparations for "Violet" (2013)

Frits Grimmelikhuizen (1937 Utrecht NL) studied music and philosophy.
He performs Paper Theatre since 1976.
He was the first one in the paper theatre world, who made a performance without a story and without  human figures. For his piece "Variations on Kandinsky" in 1995, he used  electro-acoustic music and abstract figurations.
Between 1995 and 2003 with this theatre were given performances all over the world, from USA to Germany, from France to Spain, from Poland to Rumania.

scene from "Kandinsky".
.After a great "finisage" in the Bauhaus Archives in Berlin, this play is stored away.

Since performing "Kandinsky" Grim.. never uses spoken text;  all his plays are quite abstract, but with a "hidden story" in it.

scene from "Violet"
a piece about colours and sounds. With a very beautifull soundtrack. A visitor said it was a "breathtaking dream".

Grimmelikhuizen performs mostly for small groups of people (10  to 15) on request.

In 2020  there will be given perfomances of "Violet". and "Letzte Lieder/Final Songs" (See "Voorstellingen" for pictures)
Visitors described these plays as "fascinating and impressive",

More pictures under " Voorstellingen", information by telephone:
0031 6 5762 3531 or eMail

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